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“Transfiguration offers me a chance to reach out to others, within and outside of our community, through Interfaith Hospitality Network. IHN helps us to really follow Jesus’ example in our own lives, by helping those that the rest of the community has forgotten.”

“Members of Transfiguration reach out to everyone with kindness, understanding and concern. I have never felt alone at a service as the warmth of its members and clergy reach out in a gentle way to always make me feel a part of their ministry.”

“We met and married at Transfiguration, and this faith community has been at the core of our family life for over 40 years.

“I love how the members of the parish are active participants in the worship services, and I’ve enjoyed the opportunities to usher, read Scripture, and serve as a Lay Eucharistic Minister. There are so many different ways to get involved!”

“I always look forward to youth group meetings where we discuss topics like reaching out to the homeless, play games, and hang out with kids my own age that share my faith and beliefs.”

“Our children look forward to the family service. They appreciate being equal members in the church, and being able to actively participate in the service.”

“At Transfiguration if you are missing for several Sundays, you will probably get a call from a concerned parishioner about your welfare. There is real concern for each other.”