The Leadership at Transfiguration

Vestry and Wardens – Our parish community is led by our Rector (Senior Pastor) with the support of our parish governing board called a “vestry.” At Transfiguration, nine parishioners elected at our annual meeting serve as vestry members. Each Vestry member serves for a three-year term. The Senior and Junior Wardens (the 2 lay leaders of the Vestry) support the Rector as advisors. The Senior Warden oversees our ministry boards, and the Junior Warden oversees the finances, buildings and grounds. If you have any questions about our parish, please feel free to speak to a vestry member. They wear a purple name tag on Sundays. You are also welcome, of course, to talk with the clergy.

Board structure – Our parish is organized around a ministry structure called Ministry Boards. The Boards are responsible for specific ministry areas in our parish: Administrative, Faith Formation, Liturgy, Outreach, and Communication. We believe we can further develop our ministry in these areas by bringing like-minded people together to support, explore, and fulfill our ministry dreams. The Board structure also allows us to support you as you discover a ministry that ignites your passion and supports you in sharing your gifts in a meaningful way. You will find more information about each ministry board on this website.

Deanery - Deanery and convention delegates represent our church in quarterly deanery gatherings and at our annual diocesan convention. These meetings facilitate our relationship to the diocese and other parishes in our diocese as well as determine important policy decisions, our diocesan budget, and our diocesan priorities.